Looking for Modified Atkins Soup Recipes

Winter is coming right around the corner.  That means it is time to break out the soup recipies.  One of my goals is to find an awesome Thai Chicken Coconut Soup or Tom Kha Gai recipe. I have been trying to find some recipes that are also modified atkins friendly.  It is low carb and delicious.  The recipe for the soup in the pin below can be found at followinginmyshoes.com.

I have also found this recipe for low carb chili which would make a great soup for those cold winter evenings.  The recipe can be found here.

I am a fan of relatively simple yet delicious recipes and I think both of these fit that description.  Do you have a great soup recipe that is keto or modified atkins friendly?

The Terrible Combination of Anxiety, Insomnia & Epilepsy

As I have mentioned in Why I Couldn’t Finish Writing 101, I have been really stressed lately.  My caffeine intake has been higher than normal.  I was attempting to keep to a strict sleeping schedule.  I had the belief that I would be more productive if I was well rested.  This idea worked for a while.

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Why I Couldn’t Finish Writing 101

In September I starting Blogging University’s Writing 101 course.  I really liked it and was learning a lot about writing.  It was especially helpful to see some of the posts from some of the other bloggers with more writing experience.  It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything.  I had to stop partway through my Writing 101 course.

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Day 13 – Composing a Series of Vignettes

Day 13’s assignment of Writing 101 is called “Compose a Series of Vignettes.” This is my first time composing one of these, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Repetition and accumulation give structure and momentum to a piece of writing — and help your readers stay engaged.  Today, tell a story through a series of vignettes (short, episodic scenes or anecdotes) that together read as variations on the same theme. They can each be as short or long as you see fit — they don’t have to be the same length — but they need a common feature to tie them together, whether it’s a repeated phrase, a similar setting, or the appearance of the same person.

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Day 12 – Procrastination is Bad


The semester is only a few weeks along and I am already an anxiety ridden mess.  I procrastinated on grading papers, and have some deadlines coming up.  I want to have some time to enjoy some personal time, while still being able to get most of the stuff graded.  I know procrastination is bad.  Why do I always do it?

Day 11 – What do I do When I’m Not Writing?

What do I do When I’m Not Writing?

My assignment on day 11 of writing 101 is called “Writing and Not Writing.”  The description of my assignment is below:

As much as we love to write, it’s important to take breaks — to live your life and have new experiences, and to reflect and recharge so you can come back to your desk, ready to hit the keyboard again. Not writing allows you to gain the distance from your words, and thus perspective, which are both needed when it’s time to edit. What do you do when you’re not writing?

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The Virtual Coffee Date


For day 10’s assignment on Writing 101, we are having a virtual coffee date.  Take a second to go grab your hot beverage of choice, and I will update you on what’s been going on.

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you that I have maintained my position on refusing to get a new neurologist.  I like the one that I have.  I’m going to just change my health insurance, and then I can see my neurologist.  I am probably being stubborn, but why change a system that is working?

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you that I have an appointment coming up with my primary care physician.  While it is only for a checkup, I hope there will be no bad news.  I have been getting mysterious blood blisters in my mouth, and I am a little nervous about the upcoming appointment.

If we were having coffee right now I would also tell you that the Fall semester has begun at both colleges that I teach at.  I hope for a semester free of any major seizures.  My attempt to find a full-time job in higher education did not succeed, but I did get a few interviews.  It is a positive step in the right direction.

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you about the Writing 101 class that I am in right now.  I feel like it is making me a better writer, and that I am getting into the habit of writing more.  I am only half way through the course, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.