The Next Level of Fitness


I talked about the results of my weight loss challenge in my blog post, Did I win the weight loss challenge?.  One of my classes cancelled this summer, so I thought I would spend some of that extra down time at the gym.  I want to see what would happen if I took things to the next level.

Yesterday, I got a membership to the local YMCA.  I like group exercise classes, and they had a wide variety including: pilates, zumba, spin classes, and body sculpting.  I could even go to tai chi, karate, and yoga classes.

My goal is to burn calories and improve muscle tone.  I think I should try to focus on the classes that will help give me a total body workout.  I will need to start slowly and build my way up, since I am not in the best of shape.

How do you tell your boss about your epilepsy?

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting in a really long time.  I wanted to ask fellow patients with epilepsy for advice.

First of all, a bit of history.  Many of you who have followed this blog know that I teach part-time at a couple of colleges in my area.   Most of my tonic-clonic or myoclonic seizures occur late at night.  I don’t know why this happens, but it does.  When I started working at each place, I did not tell them that I had epilepsy.  My reasoning was the following:

  • If I scheduled my classes carefully, I could avoid any problems.
  • I had already been doing the above for years, so I had some experience.
  • If I schedule my courses carefully, I can leave lots of time for stress-reduction activities like exercising or meditation.

At the moment, I am not getting the number of classes that I was expecting, which resulted in lot of anxiety.  There is also a lot of pressure and stress to meet end of the semester deadlines. Something needs to change.  I would like your advice:

Have I just been extremely lucky so far?  Should I go to my boss and tell him/her about my chronic condition?  If so, what would be a good way of approaching the situation?  I can be a little too blunt at times.


Weight Loss Challenge – Week 2

How is my weight loss challenge going?

So far I have lost 2 pounds since the weight loss challenge began 2 weeks ago.  I exercise (cardio) at least 3 days a week. I have made a few decisions that I hope will keep the trend going.

Decision #1 – Nutritionist

I asked my neurologist about a specific diet that can help control seizures and help me lose weight.  I want to be able to do both.  She recommended the modified atkins diet and seeing a nutritionist.  I am hoping to learn something new that will help me lose weight.

Decision #2 – Exercise

I will exercise at least 3 days a week if not more.   I need to try to make exercising a habit.  I realize this won’t be easy, but that is why this is called a challenge.  Last time I tried a weight loss challenge, I was not exercising as often as I should.  I am hoping this will help me meet my goals.

Decision #3 – Healthy fats, low carb

When I do eat breads and crackers, I pick out items that only have whole grains.  At this time, I am trying to keep my carbs as low as possible.  If I go on the modified atkins diet, I may have to phase them out completely.

My workplaces have presented problems for me in the past.  Often free food is too much for me to resist, and it is not very healthy.  During lunch time, I often went for the convenient sandwiches at a nearby cafe, which have many carbs.  I am also tempted to grab a snack after class.

I will plan out my lunches and snacks the night before and bring them to work with me.  I can save money and calories.

I am incorporating more heathy fats.  My primary care physician recommended sardines, tuna, and salmon because have a high amount of omega-3.  Avocados and almonds also have a high amount of healthy fats.

Weight Loss Challenge Accepted!

In the past few months, I have gained some weight.  My larger sized dress pants now fit a little snug.  I knew something needed to be done.

When my sister called suggesting a weight loss challenge, I enthusiastically said yes!  We have done this before, and I enjoyed it.  I like to have a good challenge that I can overcome.  I have a few goals in mind for this weight loss challenge:

Goal #1

My first goal is not to come in last.  From that sentence alone you can figure out what happened the last time we did this.

Goal #2

With the exception of Zumba classes, I have never liked exercising.  While I still love them, I frequently find excuses not to go.  I am also attempting to save money on gym memberships and try doing more cardio at home.


In the past, my neurologist recommended not doing anything too radical.  Someone I know made the simple observation that I don’t eat many vegetables.  When I was attempting to come up with a strategy, I thought that would be a good place to start.  I am also going to eat more healthy fats such as the ones in avocados, sardines, and salmon.  I have found an exercise plan online.  I want to follow it for 30 days.

My first day was yesterday and I need to report in on Fridays.   Maybe this would be a good blog theme on Fridays for the next few weeks.  Do you have any good weight loss suggestions?

Meeting with the Ex

I met with my ex not too long ago.  He appears fine despite the fact that he is from a tropical country and sometimes gets depressed during the winter.  He now lives in a northern climate with lots of snow and less sunshine.

Our conversation was going well.  We were talking about current events.  I was talking about work, which dominates most of my life until about a week ago.  He talked about his work situation.

Apparently he met someone. She wanted to introduce him to her parents during the holidays.  Wow.   For the uninformed, meeting the parents is a big deal.

What shocked me was my lack of emotional response.  What do you do when you find out that your ex has moved on and is dating other people?  Surprisingly enough, I did not cry.  I think the reason for my lack of emotional response is due to one of the following:

  1. Maybe I have been so busy that I have not processed it emotionally.
  2. Complete denial.
  3. I have processed it, and think it is about time he moved on.
  4. A combination of all of the above.

Maybe it is about time I got a personal life of my own.  Someone I know told me all my stories involve my students.