My Care Team

I have just recently heard the phrase “Care Team” when referring to the group of individuals that help me manage my epilepsy.  A care team can involve: your therapist, your specialist (neurologist, epileptologist, etc.), your primary care provider, and most importantly your caregiver as well as other members of your support network.     I believe this phrase is named perfectly.  Why?  All of the people mentioned above should be working together as a team.

I experienced this while seeing my epileptologist (a neurologist that specializes in epilepsy) at a local hospital.  They didn’t have a single doctor analyzing my case, but an entire team devoted to my wellbeing.  They wanted to know how epilepsy was affecting me psychologically as well as physically.   I also felt like the doctors genuinely cared even though they tried to maintain a certain boundary between doctor and patient.

Unfortunately, my care team might change a little over the next few weeks.  I need to change insurance and I might have to change doctors as a result.  Change can be a frightening thing when dealing with a chronic illness and epilepsy is no different.  I am scared that everything is going to change for the worse!  I am trying to keep up a good façade so that people don’t see the fear.  I don’t want my care team to change, but as always I will do my best to adapt to the changes.


What do you think?

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