My Care Team Update

At the end of December, I was panicking because I thought the worst was going to happen.  I thought that I would have to pay a fortune for my medicine, get new doctors, new therapist, new everything.  I thought that I would have to explain my whole history to a new set of doctors.  I was ready to do battle with my insurance company in order to try and keep my care team.  I wanted as little change as possible.   I am doing better than I have been in a long time and didn’t want anyone to change that.   You will not believe what happened!

Once the new year came, I was ready to get the referral that I knew I would need in order to see my neurologist.  In order to do that I would have to get a new primary care physician, give him my medical history, etc.  To get things started, I set up an appointment with my new clinic’s insurance and referral office.  I wanted to know exactly what I would need to do in order to get the referral.  I was shocked! In less than a day, I got the referral and then handed it to the receptionist at my neurologist’s office!!

I was going to keep most of my care team although I might have to pay slightly more to keep them all.  In retrospect, I believe the trade off is worth it.  I will have to find a new primary care physician, but that’s okay.  Most of my team is present!

I think many people underestimate the disorganization and bureaucracy that can exist in the health insurance industry.  As a person who has moved and switched doctors several times, I can tell you a few bad stories of my own.

When you have a win, you need to revel in it for as long as you can!!


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