My Spouse and My Caregiver

Is it possible for a spouse to also be a caregiver?  I have talked to some couples and they are able to do it.  I have also seen that among couples where one of the spouses has a chronic illness the divorce rate is very high.

The reason why I mention this is because my relationship is having problems.  I underwent a long series of medicine changes that didn’t always work out the way I had planned.  The number of seizures I was having went up significantly.  I lost my job and wasn’t able to find another one until we found a reliable medicine.   We had faith that the doctors would eventually find the right combination for me.   By the time that happened, my spouse and caregiver was a nervous wreck and completely stressed out.

However, we are both doing better right now.  I am doing meditation as another way to help keep my seizures under control by managing my stress more effectively.  The rest of my life has started to turn around as a result of my new confidence in myself that I temporarily lost during the medicine change.   My new positive attitude is starting to reap positive results in my life.



2 thoughts on “My Spouse and My Caregiver

  1. Yes. It is possible for a spouse to also be a caregiver. I am a spouse and a caregiver myself. Everyday I face a dilemma of staying in my relationship and honor my commitment for the rest of my life or end my relationship and start again. This is my dilemma and it is for me and only me to navigate. It is a lonely path.

    I just recently joined a support group for spouses ( and have started to understand how to better navigate my dilemma. Most folks there had heart touching stories of caring for their ailing spouses. But most of these folks were very old and had very robust lives before their spouses became ill. I am still young and so this makes things harder.

    Keep strong, remember that you can always rely on your strong self for anything. Your spouse is going through a lot and he/she must be listened. If he/she is to stay with you, which I hope he/she does. He/she should do this from a place of love and not from a place of martyrdom.


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