Why is this blog called dragonandrose?

The name “dragonandrose” comes from the premise that behind every chronic disease there is a monster, such as a dragon, that is imposing its will on your life.  However, there can also be positive aspects that can come from experiencing a chronic illness.  The rose represents the positive aspect.

Too many people see only the dragon and no roses.

Can you think of any positive aspects of your life that have come about because of your chronic illness?


One thought on “Why is this blog called dragonandrose?

  1. YES! I just wrote a blog about it called Mis-Diagnosed/Mis-Labeled (Back of Book). The physical onset of my epilepsy caused me to finally lose everything I had been holding on to. A job where I had lost my reputation due to illness, an abusive relationship, unfaithful friends, a place where I kept feeding my low self esteem, and a life in the middle of nowhere, where no one could get to me. I had been wanting to just leave everything and start over. After two months of recovery at family’s house, I realize I’ve finally gotten the chance to start over. This is not the way I planned it; however, I’m kind of glad this happened! Now I know that starting over is not just getting a new job and moving out of state. It sometimes means getting away and straightening out your priorities, and finding yourself.


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