My Absence Seizures

Nothing probably causes more confusion than my absence seizures.   According to the Epilepsy Foundation, “Absence seizures (e.g. a seizure common to petit mal epilepsy) are lapses of awareness, sometimes with staring, that begin and end abruptly, lasting only a few seconds. There is no warning and no after-effect…Absence seizures are characterized by a brief impairment of consciousness, which usually lasts no more than a few seconds. The seizure is usually associated with some degree of altered awareness.”

From what I have been told, my absence seizures consist mainly of staring.  I don’t know for sure because I am not conscious of it happening.  The absence seizure only happens for a second or so, but people think I’m staring at them.  Fortunately they are very short so I don’t miss too much of what is going on around me.  If they start coming more often, I am stressed or was sleep deprived and more serious seizures could be on the way.

I implemented a plan to help control stress.  I started doing stress-reducing activities to try and control the staring.  I went to the beach on many occasions.  I also am trying meditation and yoga.


3 thoughts on “My Absence Seizures

  1. Me again! My mom used to get all freaked out because I was staring at her, but I didn’t understand what she was talking about! She’d get mad. But I’d do it agian, but not realize it. I wonder if that’s what it was.

    I have epilepsy in the temporal lobe. Do you know anything about hallucinations with this stuff? I’m taking epilepsy meds and the hallucinations stopped. Once I was watching American Idol and started hearing things, but then realized they had massive strobe lights the whole time.


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