Epilepsy and Dependency

If you have a chronic illness, you need all the help that you can get.  However, there are some things that you need to do yourself.  I had always thought of myself as a fairly independent person.   However, in the last two years, I have become excessively clingy and dependent on my spouse and caregiver.

What happened?  I’m not particularly sure myself.   For a year, I underwent a series of medicine changes, which were not very effective.   The series of failures caused a lot of emotional and physical stress.   A member of my care team has said that the series of failed medicine changes caused me to become excessively clingy and dependent on my spouse and caregiver.  This member of my care team described it as a natural occurance that happens after you have experienced a traumatic event.

In an effort to get my independence back, I bought tickets to fly somewhere by myself.   I have been encouraged to get to know myself well and try not to depend too much on others.  I think this will be a great first step.  I will keep you updated on how the flight goes.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Epilepsy and Dependency

  1. This is a dilemma: as a person with a chronic illness you may depend on others for help. This does not mean that you are losing your independence, on the other hand, you are surrendering some of your independence in exchange for safety. This may be irreconcilable. One way to maneuver this dilemma may be to become aware of it, which you are, and to make your caregiver aware of your awareness. This level of honesty may encourage your caregiver to help from a place of love and compassion and not from a place of obligation.


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