My Stress Seizure Trigger

What is a seizure trigger?

Seizure triggers are any factors that may precipitate a seizure.  Some people may find that seizures occur in a pattern or are more likely to occur in certain situations. Sometimes these connections are just by chance, but other times it is not. Keeping track of your seizure triggers can help you recognize when a seizure may be coming. You can then be prepared and learn how to lessen the chance that a seizure may occur during this time.

Common Seizure Triggers

Some people will notice one or two triggers very easily, for example their seizures may occur only during sleep or when waking up.  According to, the following are some common seizure triggers:

  • Specific time of day or night
  • Sleep deprivation – overtired or not sleeping well
  • At times of fevers or other illnesses
  • Flashing bright lights
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Not eating well, low blood sugar
  • Specific foods, excess caffeine or other products that may aggravate seizures
  • Use of certain medications

As for myself, I have a tendency to have most of my seizures in the extreme early hours of the morning (like 2am or so).  I will also have more seizures if under a lot of stress, not eating well, or sleep deprived.

I compensate by practicing stress management techniques such as meditation or yoga.  When my stress levels increase, then I schedule more time for meditation or yoga.  This method has been very successful for me.  I practice my stress management techniques while taking my medicine regularly.


3 thoughts on “My Stress Seizure Trigger

  1. I tend to seize when I am either too low or too high in mood. For years my family has cautioned me about getting too excited or giddy, or, on the other hand, too sad. I take my meds regularly, but seizures occur with sleep that was interrupted, caffeine, or stress (either kind).


  2. Stress and epilepsy is an unsolvable riddle. In fact, I have noticed that a lot of these triggers are sort of vicious cycles. For instance, stress is a trigger of seizures. But stress is an inherent part of life. In fact, stress will always go up and down, in particular if you have a career. So the more you try to succeed in your profession in spite of epilepsy, the more you may suffer seizures. This is unfair, to say the least.

    I think that your stress management strategies are dead on. Combined with acceptance of certain limitations, to alleviate suffering – like a good budhist – I think you have the right approach. With Epilepsy there is no set formula, you just have to ride the wave of uncertainty for the rest of your life. There is something sad but enormously beautiful about this uncertainty, I think.


  3. One important thing I learned about stress being a trigger early on is that good stress is just as hard on my seizure tolerance as bad stress. Good stress was being wound up with excitement or anticipation. Before, I had never considered this as “stress”.

    Great post. Thank you for the information!


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