Dependency Part 2


I wrote in a previous blog post ( Epilepsy and Dependency ) about some feelings of dependency that I have developed because of a series of traumatic events.  In an attempt to regain my sense of independence, I am getting on an airplane without any friends or family with me.  Although this may seem like such a small insignificant step, I have NEVER flown by myself since my seizures started acting up a few years ago.   Now that they are stable, I feel like I can fly in an airplane again.

My flight is less than a week away!  I want to prove to myself and others that I am perfectly capable of taking this trip without anything happening.

I have taken certain precautionary measures, but flying in general is a little stressful for me. Why? Cramming 200 or so people on an airplane for long periods of time and with no food is a little stressful for anyone.  I plan to practice my meditation techniques almost the entire time on the airplane.  It is not that I am afraid of flying or anything.  Stress is a seizure trigger for me, so I need to find ways to cope with stress. Do you have any suggestions? What are some great stress-reducing activities that you practice?

I will keep you updated on how the flight goes!


One thought on “Dependency Part 2

  1. Good luck. GOOD LUCK to you! Music is always a great stress reliever for me. I am not good enough at meditation to be distracted by that long term. I, however, love to fly and might have even become a pilot if seizures would not have limited me.

    Make sure you carry something on your body that identifies your seizures and medications you are taking. Hopefully you will not need it, but it never hurts to be too prepared. I am excited to hear about your flying success. 🙂


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