Dependency part 3

(This was posted late due to lack of internet access)

I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, but many negative thoughts were floating through my mind including every possible worst case scenario imaginable.  However, I was determined to fly by myself and without any help.

So I tried to think of a few positive thoughts.  I thought that security would stop me to search my luggage and take away my medicine, but that didn’t happen.  I thought that I would have to make an emergency phone call to my neurologist, but that didn’t happen either.  By the time that I got to the gate, I was starting to believe that this might go well.

When I got into the airplane, I started meditating almost immediately.  It was difficult to maintain because there are so many interruptions on an airplane such as: the people sitting next to you or the flight attendant.  I made it to my final destination without any seizures!

Success!   A year ago I probably would have been calling my spouse and caregiver for help on the smallest of decisions.  I flew to my final destination by myself and didn’t call anyone for help.  Being dependent on people is not a bad thing.  However, in my case, it had paralyzed me to the point where I was not making many decisions for myself.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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