Positive Thought and Epilepsy

Try to Imagine …

Try to imagine that your personal life has just turned upside down while you decided to go back to graduate school.  On top of that you may have to work in a group with some very negative people.  These negative people complain ALOT.  They may or may not realize what they are doing because they are nice people.  They are more acquaintances than friends.  You are also coping with your epilepsy condition at the same time.  What would you do?

Positive Thought and Epilepsy

In my opinion, attitudes are contagious.  If you surround yourself with negativity, then you will become negative also.  However, the opposite is also true.  Positive thoughts can have positive effects on your life.  Positive thoughts tend to decrease stress and build self-esteem.   Lower stress levels will improve overall health and decrease seizures (stress is a seizure trigger for many people).

My Current Dilemma

Going back to my current dilemma, I know that I need to avoid negativity.  Just avoiding them is not really an option, and I’m a little too blunt for my own good.   I need to look out for my health, and am not sure how to handle this.   Any suggestions?


What do you think?

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