Registered to Vote & Chronically Ill

Registered to Vote & Chronically Ill

There is an ever-growing population of people with chronic illnesses in this country.  People with chronic illnesses can have a powerful voice.  This year, I feel like my voice needs to be heard more than ever.

Why?   The long list of items that the Republicans (including Romney) wish to cut to balance the budget such as: Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  Many of these programs are not only being used by the elderly but by persons who are chronically ill.  Being sick can get extremely expensive when your disease has no cure, and you will need a safety net for when a medical emergency occurs.

Too many persons with chronic illnesses do not speak up about the problems facing them.  In this case, you can find your voice by registering and voting on election day.  My deciding issue was where the candidates stand on healthcare, and I plan to vote on election day to make sure that my favorite candidate wins.  Have you registered?



What do you think?

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