Texting 4 Control

Texting 4 Control


Texting on a qwerty keypad phone


“A new texting initiative from the Epilepsy Foundation and Care Epilepsy to assist in seizure management

Trying to take better care of yourself, but sometimes you forget to take your medication? Want to be able to track your seizures in a patient diary and send it to your neurologist? Need some motivation to get you through your day? … Texting 4 Control is a new system targeted to users aged 13 and older with mobile phones that allows you to receive reminders via text messaging about when to take medications, as well as receive motivational messaging if you are having a particularly tough week managing your epilepsy. The program also allows for recording of seizures in a patient diary, as well as tracking emergency room visits, rescue medications, and/or injuries. The system allows you to see your seizure pattern in graph or calendar form, as well as share that information with your neurologist or epileptologist.” (http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/livingwithepilepsy/healthandwellness/Texting-4-Control.cfm)

Although I was not able to find much information on Texting 4 Control, this sounds like a great way to manage your health.  It sends reminders to you and even records some information into a patient diary.  I fully encourage anyone who has used this already to leave a comment to this blog post.  Your local Epilepsy Foundation may be able to provide more information.  You can sign up at Texting 4 Control.




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