Quest for Full-Time Employment

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I have started officially looking for full-time employment, and starting to prepare myself for interviews.   I am getting all my resumes and cover letters ready.  My health has never felt better, and I will be graduating soon.

However, I still have a lot of questions that need answering.  What is the best way to approach the subject of epilepsy in front of potential employers?  Do you do it fast and quick?    (Sort of a rip the bandage off quickly approach)  Do you take a more gentle approach in trying to placate any potential fear?

Does anyone have any advice?  For many years, I have worked a series of part-time jobs, but that offers no security for me.  I want something more.


5 thoughts on “Quest for Full-Time Employment

    • I’m hoping that someone will post a success story on this blog, so that everyone can see it. I have tried introducing the topic slowly in interviews by saying “I have a chronic disease..”. I would then go into more detail, if the other person asked. However, I still was not hired on any of the interviews where I admitted having epilepsy or a chronic illness.


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