My Job Search Progress part 1

I had experienced my first screening from a recruiter in a while.  This is where you answer a bunch of questions, and the person and the other end is looking for any excuse to cross your name off the list of job applicants.  The question had come up about my experience working full-time positions.  I haven’t worked a full-time position in a long time.

My health was not the best for a couple of years.  Part-time jobs allowed me the time to take care of my health.  However, there is no security in this type of job.

I am more than capable of working 70 hours a week if that is what you recruiters are wondering.  I had worked 2 and 3 part-time jobs in the effort to try to make up enough money to survive.  All of the effort of working these jobs accumulated to about these many hours, but without benefits.  How is that fair?

Everyone doing the hiring is looking for “superman.”  The perfect person for the job with no flaws whatsoever.  If you promise to give me a few moments out of the day for some meditation, I promise that I will impress you.  However, are you willing to give me a chance despite my chronic illness?


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