My Dad’s Health

Over the weekend, my dad’s health took a turn for the worse.  My family discovered that he had a blood clot in one of his knees.  The problem was first discovered when he had trouble breathing and was rushed to the emergency room.  He was placed on oxygen for a few days as well as blood thinners.  Fortunately, my dad is strong and it looks like he may go home sometime this weekend.

I have felt a bunch of different emotions this week.  I felt a little guilty and powerless being a few states away.  I felt guilty because I was celebrating my graduation while he was going through this.   However, I felt happy that the rest of my family was there to help because my dad can also be stubborn.   I felt worried and sad because he might respond to this new health problem the same way I did when I found out that I got epilepsy.  That is, he might deny that there is even a problem.  I don’t know much about blood clots, but I do know that he will probably have to do some life style changes.  If he does not make the necessary changes, he will only end up in the hospital again.  My dad is very stubborn.




4 thoughts on “My Dad’s Health

  1. I’m glad your dad is going to be ok. Well done on your graduation! I hope he continues to recover well. It must have been hard him not acknoledging you had epilepsy. My dad couldn’t tell my granny i had epilepsy so i can kind of empathise.


    • I’m sorry to hear that. In my own situation, my parents knew something was wrong and did their best to find a good doctor where I lived. However, in the beginning, I stubbornly didn’t want to acknowledge that anything was wrong with me. I’m hoping that my dad doesn’t’ do the same thing.


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