My Own Health

As my dad recovers from his health problem, I have thought about mine.  I had to set aside my wish to lose weight for a while.  I had taken on too many projects, and couldn’t manage them well.  Now I have more free time to consider my health and what I can do to improve it.

I have tried to work my way towards the modified atkins diet because of its benefits for people with epilepsy.   “The diet is a “modified” Atkins diet as it allows for less carbohydrates than traditional Atkins (10-20g/day) and more strongly encourages fat intake. Please remember that no diet should be done without a neurologist and dietitian involved.” (  Getting my consumption of carbohydrates down to 10-20g/day is the hard part, but I am working on it.

I will gradually try to become more active.   Exercise not only helps clear my mind, but helps me feel better about myself physically and emotionally.  Eventually, if I keep up the practice I know it will benefit me in many ways.



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