Weight Loss Progress

Status so far

I have lost 4 pounds!  I am so happy!  Cutting down on the amount of sugary drinks every week was easier than I thought.  I also tried to do a better job of not eating foods that are very salty.   However, I need to make a concerted effort to attempt to become more active.

Week 3& 4

Eating Strategy

During these next two weeks, I need to substitute:

A member of my care team recommends that I reduce the amount of “white foods” from my diet and attempt to find healthier alternatives made from whole grains.   I believe she was referring to many of the starches that I eat on a daily basis.  If I am able to do this, she said that I will have a lot more energy and I will feel better about myself emotionally.  This will be a monumental task.  Why?  Here is a listing of many of my favorite foods:

Moving Strategy

I might need to join an exercise class.  I don’t really want to do this because I want to save money while I am searching for full-time employment.   However, I will leave a better first impression if I can lose some weight while waiting for that first interview.  I think that I could use the discipline that comes from attending those classes regularly.

Positive Attitude

I believe that I can lose the weight that I want little by little if I keep working on it.  I might be making slow progress, but it is still progress.  If I get weak, I will just try to do better tomorrow.  A positive attitude is the key to success.



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