Epilepsy & Heat

Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is so hot!  A heat wave is going through my town, but fortunately the heat itself is not directly affecting my epilepsy.   The only way temperature affects my seizures is through sleep deprivation.  I can’t sleep when it is really hot.  When I get deprived of sleep for days at a time, I have more seizures.

My diet is suffering  because of the current heat wave.  I like to eat ice cream, frozen yogurt, and smoothies when it gets hot.  While frozen yogurt is not so bad for you, smoothies and ice cream tend to have a lot of sugar.


2 thoughts on “Epilepsy & Heat

  1. The heat can trigger seizures for my son. we are having a heat wave too and been stuck in the house all weekend. but no seizures so that’s good.


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