Making a Difference

As many of you know, I am an adjunct (college lingo for part-time) mathematics professor in a local community college.  Lately, I have been a little resentful of being only a part-time professor.  I have applied for a full-time mathematics professor position at the college and got eliminated before the first round of interviews after years of working there.

I was reminded of a reason why I continue to teach at this college as an adjunct math professor.  My students all have problems in their personal lives, which go unspoken.  Many of them want to improve their own personal situation with a college degree, and some get discouraged easily.  You see, I teach developmental mathematics.

The final exam for this summer class is coming up soon.  I was giving a motivational speech on completing all of your course material along with reminders of deadlines.  After class, a student confessed to having a big personal issue.  Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she explained what had happened.  I knew exactly what I should do.  This person needed motivation to keep trying to achieve her dream despite this personal issue.

I was happy to help this person in whatever small way that will keep her moving towards her goal of a college degree.  Would I will still be able to interact with students in the same way if I worked a more profitable full-time position?



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