My Job Search Progress Part 2

I had an interview yesterday for an Adjunct Professor (part-time) position at another college.  I thought the interview went well.  You develop certain instincts about these things after a certain amount of time.  I still want to get that full-time job, but bills need to be paid in the meantime.

Two days ago, I was seriously panicking and ready to just cancel the interview.  Fortunately, I scheduled an appointment with one of the members of my care team, and she did a mock interview with me.  She purposely made it difficult, so that I would be ready for the worst.  By the time that I got done with my mock interview, I was feeling better about my prospects.

I have not heard much from the full-time jobs that I have applied for so far.  I am following up about once a week.  They tell me that my application is under review.  I guess I will have to keep contacting them, and continue to be patient.

Do I wait for the full-time job that might take a while to get or the part-time job that might be available now?




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