My Health Insurance Problems


Here is an update on what is going on with my health insurance.  I don’t qualify for the cheaper state-run plans because my income level is too high.  I guess you have to be really poor to qualify.  However, I have no full-time job with health insurance as a benefit, so I was left with only one resort:  purchasing private health insurance.   I had to opt for an expensive plan since some of the cheaper plans had too many out-of-pocket expenses.  Yay!  I have insurance!

The Down Side

I can’t see one of the members of my care team because they don’t take my new insurance. (Not my neurologist thank goodness).  I thought there might be an out-of-network loophole but there isn’t one.  I don’t like changing what was working for me, but I guess there isn’t much of a choice.

The cost of the plan is a definite disadvantage, but if you want good private health insurance you have to pay.  I will have to renew my efforts at getting a full-time job with benefits or investigate another means to getting good health insurance at a cheaper rate.  This is definitely an area where I wouldn’t mind some outside help.  I am not a health insurance expert.

The Up Side

On this blog, I try to stress the positive, so here goes.  I feel happy knowing that I have health insurance.  If I have an unexpected seizure somewhere and wake up in the emergency room, it is a good safety net.




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