Anxiety and Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Progress

So far, I have lost about five pounds.  Factoring in my love of most starches and cheese, I think this is pretty good.  I now only eat whole wheat pasta.  I am also using the rule:  no white sugar, no white flour (whole grain only) , and no white potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay).  I do make exceptions for special events, but hopefully that will not happen often.   I also try to cut out most processed foods, but this is not easy.  I love my potato chips as much as the next person.

I have started to step things up a notch by taking a zumba class.  I found a place that I really like, and the classes are a lot of fun.  Since I am completely out of shape, I thought I would start by going once a week and gradually increase to two or three times a week.  While my scale says that I haven’t lost much weight, I hope that means that I’m building muscle.

My Anxiety

I am very anxious about finding cheaper insurance.  It has actually been keeping me awake at night.  I have also heard that exercise is a good way to deal with stress.  I have tried to do some exercise in the evenings (zumba), so that it might help me go to sleep.  On the nights when I do go to my zumba classes, I do sleep better.

I also had to drop a member of my care team because my new health insurance wouldn’t cover them.  This person really helped me get through all the problems that I have had in the past two years.  When it comes to the doctors that I regularly visit, I don’t like change.


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