My Health Insurance Update

Let get you updated on my situation.   First of all, the state that I live in has three kinds of health insurance plans:

  1. state-run health insurance for people living below the poverty line,
  2. subsidized health insurance program for people above the poverty line within certain income limits, and
  3. private health insurance.

As many of you know, I applied for the state-run health insurance, but got denied.   Apparently my income level was too high.   They also said that I do not qualify for option #2 either.  So I had to get a plan from option #3 (private health insurance), which was not cheap at all.

After making sure that I at least had health insurance, I went looking for someone to help me figure out why they said my income level was so high.  Call it a math professor’s instinct, but I was sure that something wasn’t right.  A friend of mine recommended someone in the financial services department of a local hospital.   So I went there armed with the contracts proving how much money that I would get paid in 2013.  Sure enough, they made a mistake.  If everything goes well, starting next month I will have health insurance from plan #2.  I feel better, and my negativity and anxiety has lifted! 😀 It goes to show that one person can make a difference.


What do you think?

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