My Plan to Get Fit

Zumba for Japan
Zumba for Japan (Photo credit: anujraj)

My whole plan to get fit and lose weight on Depakote got derailed for a while.  I got seriously stressed over health insurance issues (see earlier blog post for more).  Now I can get back on track.

The Zumba Boot Camp Idea

Recently, I got an email about a zumba boot camp.  The email promised that I would go down 1-2 dress sizes in a month!  Normally, I would just delete the email, but I had taken two zumba classes at this particular fitness center.   I would meet them 3 times a week for four weeks along with 2 nutritional classes.  This sounded perfect!  I’m cheap, but I was willing to spend money on this.  I thought that this is what I was looking for.   If I tried extremely hard during this month, I would have definite proof that you can (or can’t) lose weight while taking Depakote.  So I set up an appointment to talk to the fitness instructor running the boot camp.  She asked me a bunch of questions about how much I exercise, eating habits, etc.  My fitness level was not very high, and she was afraid that the boot camp would be too intense for me.

My zumba boot camp idea was shot down.  However, I got some extremely good feedback from the experience:.

  1. The fitness instructor recommended that I take zumba three times a week to lose weight along with some cardio,
  2. Zumba toning or Pilates would be beneficial for building muscle,
  3. I’m not exercising nearly as much as I think I am,
  4. I will have to keep up  the good eating habits,

The Modified Zumba Plan

Moving Strategy

I decided that I would keep doing zumba.  I went to a couple of classes, and I love it and my instructors (who are super friendly).  I am going to take two zumba classes a week through the month of October.  That will hopefully get me into a good fitness regimen.  I will occasionally take a zumba toning class to build muscle.  If my body can handle it, I would gradually start taking classes three times a week.

Eating Strategy

I have described my eating strategy in the blog posts: Dieting & Depakote, Weight Loss Strategy, and Weight Loss Progress.  I will keep following this strategy because I think that it has been working well for me.

I am hoping that my modified zumba plan will show results, but over a longer period of time.


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