The Pharmacy Lady

Thich Nhat Hanh would be sad if he knew what I did today.  I was hoping that I would have health insurance by October, but that didn’t happen.  I still don’t have health insurance, but that will change soon.  The person who has advocated for me has finally made the stubborn state officials see the error of their ways.  I am eligible for the more affordable state insurance program!

However, I am not in the system yet, and I need to refill my prescription now.  😦

I knew that I was about to throw down some serious money for this medicine, but I didn’t have a choice.  I needed to drown my sorrow by eating some pasta.  This goes against the principles of mind-body wellness.  You shouldn’t use food to resolve your emotional issues.

I finally got the courage to go to ask the pharmacy lady for a prescription refill.  When she asked about insurance, I had to tell her that I didn’t have any at the moment and that I was between health insurance plans.  She looked at me with what I thought was pity and mentioned that it would be very expensive.  I thought “I know pharmacy lady.  I know.”  While I had the opportunity to change my mind, I ordered a ten-day supply instead.  It is my hope that I will have my insurance card by the time I need to refill my prescription again.  Do not worry pharmacy lady, I will get this problem solved soon.  I don’t need your pity.


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