Christmas, Airplanes, & Epilepsy

Holiday Plans

Holiday LightsI have recently made plans to fly to visit my family during Christmas.  None of my immediate family members live in the same city (or state) that I do, so I need to fly to visit them.  I have flown by myself only once before.  At that time, I listened to relaxing music to ease the stress of flying.  At least for myself, flying on airplanes has lost its fun appeal in the last few years.  Especially during the holidays when airport employees would rather be somewhere else, and they take that anger out on you.

I have not told the airline about having epilepsy.  I have my Medic Alert necklace.  My seizures are controlled so far, and I don’t think that will change.  When I have told some people about my epilepsy in the past, I scared them.  I am a very blunt person at times.   Should I be more proactive in letting the airline know that I have epilepsy?  If so, what would be the best way to do this?



5 thoughts on “Christmas, Airplanes, & Epilepsy

  1. I think the notebook is a good idea. It’s good that you wear a necklace. Maybe you could tell your seatmates when you board, just give the people who will be next to you on the plane a heads up. I am unsure about the airlines, maybe just the stewardesses on the flight, not beforehand. I guess it depends on your level of comfort with telling people.


  2. Will you be traveling alone? My husband is always with me, and he’s a terrific advocate, knows what to do, and we always have with us a notebook with my information (meds, doctors’ contact information, date of last seizure, etc.). I recommend taking something similar with you and keeping it in your purse or in a carry-on. I have never told the airline, and I, too, am well-controlled. I think that, since you’re controlled and you wear a Medic Alert necklace, this should be enough. This is just my opinion. You have to keep yourself safe.


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