The Month of October

Many things have happened throughout the month of October.  For a good part of it, I didn’t have health insurance at all.   Here is a summary of it all.

Weight Loss Plan

My plan for October was to get into a routine of exercise.  For the most part, I attended Zumba class twice a week, and have no plans of switching to something else.  I will probably introduce something else like climbing stairs to add some variation.  I plan to increase the amount of exercise to three times per week in November.

I found myself eating out at restaurants a lot, but I tried to make healthy choices.  I would carefully watch portion sizes.   I have found a good app for my phone which helps me make better decisions.  I eat sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, brown rice instead of white rice, and truvia instead of sugar.  Although, I was far from perfect and ate the occasional French fry.  I believe that I made some progress here.

Breathing Strategy

My medicine dosage was recently reduced.   My hands were shaking and it was really starting to freak me out.  Several times I had problems holding things.  Now that I am on a lower dosage of the medicine, I am meditating more to reduce stress.   This will especially come in handy around the holidays.

Health Insurance

I got accepted!  I have affordable health insurance!  My health insurance card hasn’t shown up yet, but I am in their system.  The person that helped me spent many hours on the phone for several weeks advocating for me.   I practically cried when he told me.  I have talked about this for about two months now, and will be ecstatic to change topics.






4 thoughts on “The Month of October

        • I am not sure if you are making a comment on the current political healthcare debate or my own case. When I applied, the people that were helping me didn’t understand that I get paid like a seasonal employee. They thought that my income was higher than it actually is. This communication error took a LONG time to get corrected.


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