When I Stopped Drinking Coffee

Over the weekend, I tried to stop drinking coffee.  The reason may have been the many posts on twitter and epilepsy forums stating that caffeine lowers your seizure threshold.   Anyway, I’m not completely sure why I decided to do it.  Coffee is by far my favorite morning beverage.  Everything was okay at first.  I was feeling proud of myself for making this step.   I tried drinking green tea to supplement the caffeine loss.  What happened later was a massive headache.  I took some ibuprofen for the headache, but it only came back a few hours later.

After a couple of days, I couldn’t take the constant headache that came with trying to stop drinking coffee.  My attempt failed and I am back to drinking coffee again.  One positive thing occurred, I did stop putting vanilla-flavored creamer in my coffee.  It had way to much sugar in it, and wasn’t going to help me lose weight.  I tried the no-sugar version and didn’t like it.   If I am going to try this again, I need to reconsider my strategy.  Maybe I should use a more gradual approach.



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