Becoming More Active

I recently signed up for about 3 classes per week for the next four weeks in my Zumba fitness studio.   Why would I do that?  I have a couple of good reasons.

I have taken Zumba classes there since October.  They have helped me get back into shape and I feel like I’m starting to develop a fitness routine.  I want to take things to the next level and see how much weight I can lose by going there three times a week and carefully watch what I eat.  Naturally, it is the holiday season, so mistakes will be made.  I will do my best to try better the next day.  I will be flying back to see my family over Christmas.  Holiday pictures will probably be taken.  Last year I didn’t like a single picture that was taken of me.  I want to see if I can change that this year.

I have heard from one of the members of my care team that exercise is good for the mind as well as the body.  The holiday season has kind of got me down a bit, so I want to see if going to more Zumba classes might help.  It might not, but we will see.   I do know that they instructors there are always in a good mood, and I usually end up leaving happier than when I came.  This member of my care team also said that exercise is a great way to deal with stress.  I am always careful to make sure that I don’t push myself too hard.




2 thoughts on “Becoming More Active

  1. Good for you doing Zumba! I was born having the coordination of two-left feet and absolutely no sense of rhythm before my stroke. Since then….. a fish out of water is more graceful. 🙂 I love the elliptical machine and lifting weights, but Zumba is only something I can appreciate from afar. Good luck reaching your goal and great job finding a routine.


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