Are You Happy?

Am I Happy?

Smiley Face
Someone I know asked me if I was happy.  I told them that I was without thinking about the question too much.  I can take care of most of my own basic needs.

But then I started second guessing myself.  How do you really know that your happy anyway?  Am I just deluding myself?  Maybe I am confusing happiness with some other emotion like being content.    Being a rational person, I wanted a checklist or guide to tell me the correct answer.  I guess the question will have to go unanswered for now.

My classes are going well so far, and that is always a reason to be happy.  People are even asking to be in my courses.  But then my rational brain interferes again and wants to know why they want to get into my course.  Sometimes I think I need to stop thinking so much, and enjoy the compliments when they come.


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