Awesome Comments

In the past year, several comments have been left in my spam folder about how visually stunning my site looks.  🙂  While I appreciate the sentiment, my blog has also gotten slammed with spam comments in that same year.  Most of them, genuinely are spam with many, many links.  If your comment didn’t show up immediately or at all, it was waiting in moderation or the spam folder.  In trying to resolve the issue, I thought I would summarize a blog post by Mack Collier on “How to write great blog comments“:

  1. Add something to the conversation.  Go beyond “wow, great post” and attempt to continue the conversation.
  2. Comment early.
  3. Don’t over-promote yourself@garyvee says that the only link you are ever allowed to share in a comment is the link you get in your name that’s hyperlinked back to your blog/site.  Remember that you aren’t leaving the comment to promote yourself, you are trying to create value for the blog by adding to the conversation. If you’ve done your job, you’ll get promotion as an indirect result of your efforts.
  4. You can disagree, without being disagreeable.  In fact I will respect your for challenging my points of view.  However, do not attack the people presenting alternative points of view.
  5. Ask questions.  This helps extend the conversation as well as present opportunities for presenting alternative view points.
  6. Know why you are commenting.  As with most everything else in social media, blog comments work best as a way to INdirectly promote yourself. Write a comment that others find value in, and that encourages others to check out your blog, follow you on Twitter, etc.

If you follow these techniques, then my spam checker will definitely know that your comment is not meant for the spam folder.



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