Health Insurance Update

If you have followed along with me, you may have noticed that health insurance is an ongoing issue.  I went through some drama attempting to get affordable health insurance around October 2013.  In December, they told me to reapply (something about the ACA).  Truly I wanted to scream.  I got on my computer and told myself that I wasn’t going to sleep until the application was completely filled out online.  It took me at least three hours to do it.   Since then, I have called periodically to get updates on the status of my application.  Apparently, it is still under review.  Fortunately, my old plan will be active until about June 2014.  At the current moment, I am content to know that at least my application wasn’t lost or something.

Am I the only one who seems to have constant problems with health insurance?  I feel really jealous of the people who don’t seem to need it at all.  I would have extreme financial difficulties paying for tests, medicine, and regular visits to doctors without it.  I will just have to patiently wait and see how this all unfolds.



What do you think?

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