Summer Employment

My fears that I revealed in “Coping with Stress” were realized.  The chair of my department didn’t give me a teaching assignment for the summer!  These teaching assignments were my safety net until I found full-time employment.  It is already late April, and people will be hiring for the fall semester not the summer.  If it were socially acceptable to stand on the sidewalk and scream in frustration, I would have done so.

My mind is in complete disarray.  I have a hard time focusing on anything else, but how to get a job once my current one ends.  I don’t have family in the city where I live.  I was making good strides towards eating healthy.  I am even drinking black tea instead of coffee,  (this small victory has lasted 3 days so far).  Now, I feel myself going back to the old habits of stress eating.

I am surrounded in negativity at the moment, and it is difficult for me to see any positive aspects of the situation.


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