The Career Fair

There is a career fair tomorrow that I decided to attend.  It has some big companies that are all hiring.   I am going to make all the following preparations for the fair:

  1.  Print off some resumes – Going to a career fair without resumes is a big mistake, and I need to leave them something to remember me.  I can answer any questions that they have about me at the career fair in person.
  2. Find my best “hire me” outfit – When you are networking, you should look the part of the job that you want to have.
  3. Make something happen – This usually entails making sure that the people who are hiring meet you and realize what a potential great employee you might be.

I’m also going to talk with my old advisor and boss.  They may have some inside information, or may know some people who are hiring at the moment.  I also found out about another networking event with some non-profits.  That might be an excellent opportunity to find out if they need someone with my skill set.  I kind of like the idea of working for a non-profit.  I’m being more active in my job search, and it feels good.


What do you think?

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