Summer Employment #2

The Good News

In the past few weeks, I have networked with more people.  I have found a few groups of people specializing in the field that I would like to get a career in.  I have went to career fairs, and got a couple of good leads.

I am starting to feel more positive that something will happen if I wait.   I received a request to tutor a student for a few weeks over the summer, which will be good income until something more stable comes along.  A company that I talked to at the career fair sent me an email and asked me to apply on their website.

I have made efforts to deal with the stress.  I am going out to various free or cheap events in the city.  I start thinking more positive thoughts when I am surrounded by people.  I also go to zumba class, which is not only great for stress but helps make sure I don’t gain weight.  I need to look awesome for that interview.

The Bad News

I have still not heard anything about my health insurance.  I may need to be a little proactive on this point or I could be in trouble.  Why is it taking so long to process my application?  Fortunately, I already have a person that I can call to get help.

I have been stress eating from time to time.  I have been eating a lot of chocolate and fudge.  I started drinking coffee again, which is not good for anxiety (among other things).  Overall, I have been eating too much.   I’m lucky that I haven’t gained much weight, but I need to curb that habit soon.






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