Denial and Broken Computers

Last week my computer started showing signs of a serious problem.  It was not until then when I realized how dependent I was on my little laptop.  I was working on last-minute stuff for my students and had just completed grading for one class.  At that moment, I still had a mountain of papers for another class still waiting to be graded.  I took my laptop to the nearest tech support that I could think of, and left it in their capable hands.


I told myself “It will be fine. I can always use the computers at work.”  They will have it fixed in a day, and I will be back to my same routine.  In the meantime, I will concentrate on getting grades in for the end of the semester.  My laptop had been extremely convenient in times like this.  I could always work from anywhere.  I was not tied to a desk.  My laptop also had meditation music on it that I often use in stressful situations.

Now I was tied to a desk, because I needed to use my work computers (desktops).  With searching for a job, grading papers on finals week, contacting students,  completing paperwork, and waiting for the phone call about my computer, the stress was really mounting.  I started getting really intense headaches, and carried Advil with me all the time.  Despite all the stress, it kept me distracted from the fact that my laptop was getting fixed a lot slower than anticipated.  I dropped it off on Wednesday and didn’t get a phone call until Friday about the problem.  They told me it was a corrupt operating system.  Alright!  They know the problem.  They will have it fixed fast.  Right?


I was starting to feel a little despondent and listless on Saturday.  It was my third whole day without my laptop.  I know this may seem a tad dramatic for some people, but my computer has files on it that I need for work and job hunting.  They are in a convenient and accessible place on my hard drive.   I am not in a financial position to buy another computer.  These negative thoughts were starting to drag me down.  Fortunately, I made plans to see Godzilla with a group of people.

You cannot imagine my joy when they said that my computer was ready yesterday!  My apologies for not updating the blog earlier, but this past week has been extremely busy.



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