My Attempts at Networking

It may not have come through in my earlier blog posts, but I am an introvert.  There I said it.  People who know me have asked “Why do you teach?” They know that it is physically draining for me to work with a group of students for hours at a time.  By the end of the day, I need time to myself to recharge.

Despite my introverted nature, I have tried to meet more people.  I started with people that share some of my interests such as: science fiction and watching movies.  I have also included groups that interest me professionally.  Networking for me is extremely difficult.  I do well with small groups of people.  I found some good professional development groups focused on the area of my interest.  These groups usually have 200+ people in attendance.   In large groups, I know I’m supposed to be introducing myself and meeting new people.  However I usually end up standing next to the wall sipping a diet coke.

This could be a serious downfall in my quest to find a full-time job.   The Harvard Business Review offers several suggestions for introverts like myself looking for networking help.  Does anyone else have any more suggestions?


3 thoughts on “My Attempts at Networking

  1. Small steps.. It is hard to put yourself out there in larger groups. I understand that. Just remember there are many people in those busy rooms who feel just like you do. Find that other kind person standing next to the wall and introduce yourself.


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