Major Job Hunting Milestone!

I have made certain changes to my job hunting routine to help guarantee results.  I am a deadline driven person and need them to help guide me through the process or I will end up procrastinating.  I am doing my best to meet all deadlines and follow-up in a timely manner.  I even asked a friend to help me out with this.  This whole process has been a little taxing.  My emotions have been turbulent for the past few days.  My friends have tried to keep me thinking positive thoughts.  However, most of the time they are negative.  Now, my mood has swung towards the positive side!  I achieved a major job hunting milestone by landing a telephone interview!

Strangely enough, the telephone interview is not really my major concern.  If I get the job, it would require that I move out of state.  I would have to move out of Massachusetts.  What is the health insurance situation like in other states?  It used to be difficult getting health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.  Has the ACA been helpful in this respect?  For the uninformed, out of pocket costs for your average epilepsy patient can be really high if you happen to be on a bad insurance plan or have be insurance.

I realize I haven’t even gotten the job yet, but do I have anything to be worried about?


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