Job Hunting Progress

Job Hunting Progress

I forgot how telephone interviews can make you nervous.  A benefit to a face-to-face interview is that you can actually see the other person and look for clues on how you are doing.  It is harder for me to do this over the telephone.  I felt anxious, and my heart was beating quickly.  They were asking for information gaps on my resume.  I also had a chance to ask some questions, which I had prepared beforehand.   I will not know whether I will move on to the next stage of the hiring process for at least a week.

I have told other colleagues that I am without a summer job, so I was given a lead by someone.  I immediately emailled them asking if they are still hiring.  I didn’t receive an immediate response, so I assumed the answer was ‘no.’   They were still hiring!   It is a short-term job that will give me some money in mid-July.  That will take the pressure off a little.

This doesn’t mean that I have given up on my quest for full-time employment.  While I am waiting, I will continue my job search.  I will keep working on my resume so that it is stronger.  I will continue to my efforts to meet more people for professional and personal reasons.  I will keep sending out applications to various companies locally and in other states.



5 thoughts on “Job Hunting Progress

  1. In my personal experience, I had always had MUCH better luck getting a good job after I found any ol job. I say take anything for now, and I think you will have better chance of getting a better job.

    Good luck!


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