Why is it so hard for me to make a decision?

My friends, family, and even co-workers are asking questions about what I’m going to do in the near future.  Unfortunately there is so much that is up in the air at the moment.

When I was younger, it was normal for most adults to get their own place.  I am living in a part of the country where having roommates is normal.  I still want to have my place (with no roommates) even if it is a tiny studio apartment with an even tinier kitchen.  However, I have no financial stability and live off of two part-time jobs (adjunct professor) with no benefits.

The Tough Decisions

So here’s the problem.  I started job hunting about a month ago, and at about the same time, I was asked to decide if I would stay at the place I am renting.  My family has wanted me to move closer to them.  It is extremely hard for me to manage my chronic illness without family nearby.  Should I just take a chance and move there?  If I stay where I am at, at least I know I could probably teach 2 classes at the local community college, but I still would not have financial stability.

My Options

The way I see it, I have the following options (in no particular order):

  1. Move out but get own place in current city with cat.  At the same time concentrate on finding full-time employment in the same city.  The current city that I live in has good access to good doctors and public transportation.
  2. Move closer to my family and concentrate on finding full-time employment there.  This would be the cheaper option since my family lives in states cheaper than my own.
  3. Move closer to my family and find work as an adjunct professor.  In the past, I have had absolutely no problems finding work as an adjunct professor.  I could probably teach a few classes as an adjunct professor and still do okay since the area is more affordable.  I would still have to purchase my own health insurance.
  4. Stay where I’m at and concentrate on finding full-time employment.  This method would involve concentrating on the job hunt for now.  I might be able to convince my landlord to keep me on for a month by month basis, but that is not a guarantee.

Maybe I’m just making this more complicated than it really is.  What do you think?



What do you think?

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