Higher Education Guide: Talk to the Disability Office

The Disability Office

Why do this?  Won’t you be labeled as disabled?  Not necessarily.  If you go to them for help, it may just mean that you have a condition of some sort that requires measures such as: specialized tutors, extended testing time in a quiet environment, or perhaps even a note taker.  From the experience that I have had, these offices are dedicated to making sure the students they work with get a quality education.

You may think that you don’t need any of those things.  You may be right, but, in college, stress can get overwhelming.   For many people with epilepsy, stress is a major trigger for seizures.  I imagine that it is not good for many other chronic illnesses either.  Sometimes having someone on your side like the disability office can help alleviate some of that stress.

Typically, they will want some form of proof that you require their services.  You may want to contact the office first to find out if a letter from your specialist (for example: your neurologist or epileptologist) is good enough or if they have other paperwork that they want you to fill out.


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