Higher Education Guide: Talk to your Professors

If you have a chronic illness and there is a very real possibility that something may happen in the middle of the classroom, you may want to have a private conversation with your professors.

Why would you want to do this?  You want the professor to have a plan just in case something happens.  You can tell him or her of what needs to be done should the unexpected happen in the classroom.  You can also potentially avoid an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room.  It may also give the professor a little more sense of control if they have a plan ready beforehand.

This is up to you and how comfortable you feel with your health condition.   If your health condition is very stable, then you may not feel that this is necessary.


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2 thoughts on “Higher Education Guide: Talk to your Professors

  1. I’ve been in the similar, but opposite, position of being a professor grappling with the decision as to whether or not to give my students information about my chronic health condition (epilepsy) at the beginning of the course! After feeling too uncomfortable to do so the first semester, the next one I came armed the first day of class with first aid pamphlets and distributed them. In the end, I was very glad I did; I was able to reduce some of the self-stigma I sometimes feel, I provided my students with knowledge that they might have not otherwise had, and I did, in fact, end up having a seizure during a lesson later in the semester, so I might have saved a trip to the ER.


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