Higher Education Guide: Don’t Lose Sight of your Dream!

Don’t Lose Sight of your Dream!

I guess I am a bit of a hopeless romantic when it comes to this subject. I believe that if you are studying something that you love, then you will not see it as boring or dull.  The passion that you show when you talk about this subject will become infectious.

Don’t lose sight of the goal or dream that brought you to that particular college or university to begin with.  Too many times I have heard students say, ” I wanted to become ____, but couldn’t handle all the math courses.”  I do not like hearing my students give up before they have even really tried.

What can I do to prevent this from happening?

  1. Any decent college or university will have resources like free or low-cost tutoring for their students.  They want their students to succeed because it makes them look good.  Stay positive, don’t give up, and use all the resources available to you!
  2. This is a good example of when a good support network can be most helpful.  When you feel like giving up on  your dream,  they can help keep you focused.
  3. A good college education takes time.  While it may seem that some people are getting their diploma faster than you, stay focused on your path and don’t give up.  A good, quality education is most important here not speed.

Feel free to leave any other suggestions in the comment section below.


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