Is financial stability another lost american dream?

business manAnother semester is about to begin at my community college.  I had hoped to have a full-time job by now and put an end to the long string of contract jobs with no benefits.   I had hoped that this would  be the next stage in my life where I have finally achieved financial stability.  However, my plans didn’t work out the way I wanted them to.  Am I wrong to believe that a full-time job will solve my problems?  

My Schedule

I know it is bad to plan your life in too much detail.  When I found out that I wouldn’t get any summer classes, I thought it would be the perfect time to job search.  If I applied myself, I could get a full-time job before the fall semester starts.  It would solve all my problems!  I would have:

  • benefits with the job which would include health insurance, 
  • financial stability, 
  • a place of my own with a cat, and
  • more vacation time to travel home and see my family.  

 Actual Results

I am attempting to remain positive, but do not have a full-time job yet.  I have been turned down multiple times.  I have a couple of good leads at companies where I know multiple people on the inside.  I am trying to focus on companies where I already know at least one person working there, and am also attempting to network both in person and through social media.  I will assume that I am still a candidate unless they tell me otherwise. 

Is financial stability another lost American dream?

I am not an economist, but often I hear many news and opinion articles stating how “The economy is getting worse..”   Another person told me that a full-time job doesn’t guarantee stability.  You can get fired at any time.  With these things in mind, I have had many questions floating around in my head:

  1. Am I wrong to believe that a full-time job will solve my problems? 
  2. Is financial stability another lost dream in America’s future (or is this just something the republicans want you to believe)??
  3. Can you achieve financial stability through working multiple contract positions with no benefits?



What do you think?

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