Ongoing Quest for a Full-Time Job

What has been going on with me?   Here is my update with my hunt for full-time employment.

Summer 2014

I entered the summer of 2014 with no part-time math teaching position.  So I started asking my contacts if they knew of an opportunity.   I did not particularly care what it was.  Through a fellow part-time professor, I found out that someone at my community college was looking for a math professor.   I contacted them immediately and got the position!

Did I give up on my full-time job?  No!  I kept applying for full-time positions.  I tried to find positions where I appeared to be a near perfect fit.  For some reason, it was difficult getting a response from some companies.  The majority of them had so many people applying that it was hard for my resume to make a good impact.  As a result, I was eliminated almost right away.

My emotions went on a roller coaster ride this summer.  I would get sad when I received a rejection email from human resources.  My family and friends did a good job of telling me to stay positive and keep applying for jobs.

Current Status

I am teaching three math classes at my local community college.  My job search is still progressing, but taking much longer than I previously thought it would.   This summer I put a lot of time into improving my cover letters and resumes. I feel more confident that they will have an impact.  I am happy to end this blog on a positive note.  I have a phone interview Thursday morning!



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