Christmas, Family, & Travelling with Epilepsy


Yes it is October and I am already talking about Christmas and the upcoming Holiday Season.  Last year, in Christmas, Airplanes, & Epilepsy, I talked about making my annual trip to see my family.

I have just bought my tickets and am excited to go see my family once again!  Some people may not always feel that way, but I feel a strong desire to be with family over Christmas.  It has also been a whole year since I have seen them last.  I would actually like to fly back and see them more often, but my current budget won’t allow that.

My trip last year was relatively uneventful, so I will attempt to prepare myself for this year’s flight in the same way.  The mp3 player that I usually use to listen to music while flying has died since my last flight, so I will have to purchase a new one before my next trip.  I will have to make sure that my Medic Alert information is current.  I will also write down some useful information in a notebook for the flight attendant if something happens.


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