Checkup with my Neurologist: The Good and the Bad

I had a checkup with my Neurologist today.  I went to a little cafe nearby and ate breakfast before going in.  I arrived at the office early and started filling out paperwork.  They then measured my height, weight, and blood pressure.  Here are the details of how things went.  I will start with the bad news and end on the good news.

The Bad News

  • I might be shrinking.  I have lived my life believing that I was 5 feet 2 inches tall.  When they measured my height today I am only 5 feet tall.  Either some nurse earlier in my life measured me incorrectly or I am shrinking.  It is a depressing thought since it is already difficult finding dress pants short enough for me.
  • My neurologist asked about the number of seizures that occurred since my last visit.  I had no definite way of saying how many I had been having since I am not conscious of them.  I do notice that the back of my neck hurts sometimes.  In my post Counting My Absence Seizures, I talked about attempting to find a method of measuring the number of absence seizures and received some good feedback.   I will have to try it out before my next appointment.
  • I told my neurologist that I believed my absence seizures had increased due to many stress-related issues including searching for full-time employment.  She recommended a second medicine to better control my absence seizures.  I would take it along with the one that I am already taking.  I fear changing my medicine routine especially if it will slow me down cognitively.  She mentioned that we could start on a low dose and go up from there.  I wonder if the new medicine is really necessary since I have not been meditating as much as I used to.  I also stopped exercising in an attempt to save money this summer.   In the end, my neurologist said that I could think about my options and get back to her.

The Good News

  • I lost 8 pounds since April!  This was so good to hear.  My progress has been slow, but I have focused on making better choices when picking out the food that I will eat.  I have tried to get more for my dollar by purchasing more fruits and vegetables.  I also attempted to stop eating out at restaurants.
  • My neurologist noticed that my hands do not tremor as much as they used to.  I attribute that to the fact that I have cut down on coffee, which I heard only makes the tremors worse.

What do you think?

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