When you are Mentally and Physically Exhausted

This past week has been a little difficult.  Between keeping up with my math classes and job searching, this past week has been full of stress.  Yesterday the results of that stress were starting to show.

I had worked hard attempting to keep up in the math classes I teach.  Recently, I had given out midterms to my students in all my classes.   I also had worked hard making sure that the other materials they submitted had been graded.  If you also factor in meeting with students and preparing for classes, this can take a lot of time.

I also took a few hours out of my schedule to apply for more full-time jobs.  I applied for three positions this week alone, and will keep looking for more possibilities until I actually get a job offer.  I have worked as an adjunct professor for a long time.  Transitioning to full-time employment may be a lot harder than I originally thought.

Yesterday during my class the effects were starting to show.  I made small, minor mistakes on math problems that should not have occurred.  Fortunately, my students were paying attention and had corrected me!  That was a subtle hint to me that I needed to slow down a little and take a day off.  After I got back from class, I felt so mentally and physically exhausted that I went to sleep as soon as I got home.




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